Saturday, 21 June 2014


So this was me all set in front of the machine ready to go, what a scary moment!!
First touch of the pedal was terrifying, first I didn't press hard enough so the machine just whirred and clicked, then I pressed too hard and just about sewed my finger. But eventually I found my pace and was actually sewing!!
The first thing I realised was that my Mothers sewing machine HATES ME. 
Looks all nice and white and innocent doesn't it, but it's don't let that fool you, this machine is evil. The little bit that sticks out the foot kept hitting my fingers, the thread kept tangling up even though I did nothing wrong and every time I relaxed a tiny bit the machine would very slowly sneak my fabric into a different direction. 
Note to self: when your Mother is holding the fabric right under the needle and says 'put the foot down' she means the foot on the machine, NOT your foot on the pedal. I tried telling her that it was the machines fault but she wouldn't believe me. 
After lots and lots of swearing (mostly me at the machine) I really got going, flying down the long seam straight and steady feeling very proud of myself I then realised that it wasn't actually putting any stitches in the fabric. Mother to the rescue as my bobbin had run out and in her words 
'I'll do it, you'll just break it. . . again' 
I haven't broken it yet! How am I supposed to know that if the levers not at the top when you take your fabric out it will tangle up and stick?? I am a complete and utter novice which my darling Mother keeps forgetting.
A couple of evenings spent doing battle with the machine and I've sewn all my main panels and the pole casings, just the front panels to do then the complicated bit will begin!!
When this is all over you will find me curled in the teepee clutching a glass of wine and weeping with relief. 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Actually doing something now!

After A LOT of procrastinating I've finally started work on this project, I've always worked better with a deadline looming and I now have one month to make this teepee.
I've read quite a few blogs where the authors have made this in a couple of days but they actually know how to sew so have a distinct advantage!

Armed with a shiny new pair of scissors Mum turned up for my first sewing lesson. Where we quickly discovered I know absolutely nothing, Mrs Campbell's home economics sewing class 15 years ago has failed me completely.
After Mum repeatedly telling me she would help me but would not do it for me it was time to pin the pattern to the fabric, one pin in and I've already done something wrong. According to Mum there is a certain way to put a pin in 
This is wrong:

This is correct:
Really?? What's the difference?! Both hold the pattern to the fabric so why does it matter if it's pointing to the corner or not. But Mum has the knowledge so I carry on pinning the way she tells me (feeling like a little child again!)
Scary moment now! Time to start cutting, 
Mum: "stop pussy footing about and just cut it"
So I did, apparantly my hand was in the wrong place and didn't make big enough cuts each time but I got it all cut out, 3 brown panels, 2 green and contrast panels for the doors. 
Before removing the pattern from each piece of fabric Mum informs me I need to do tailor tacks to mark the points on the pattern
Me "tailor tacks?"
Mum "yes, just put in tailor tacks"
Me "repeating it's not going to make it any clearer, what the hell is a tailor tack"
At which point I think Mum is really regretting agreeing to help.
One quick lesson later and I'm busy putting in my tailor tacks. By the last panel my pattern has become really weak and is starting to come apart in places but I get there. 
So I've now got the entire pattern cut out and tailor tacked. Now I just have to sew the teepee (and learn how to use a sewing machine) easy?!
On a more positive note how cute is the hedgehog fabric!!